Here Is All About Website Designing

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web design Malaysia is a multi-step process that begins with visualizing and planning and later moves on to implementing the planned structure using certain tools. These tools may be some website building coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and frameworks like Node, Angular, React, and Bootstrap, etc., to maybe a website builder platforms like WordPress, Wix, and many more.


How to design a website (Step by step)?

  1. Select a domain name: At first, figure out why you need a website, whether it has to be an e-commerce website or a website for your salon. Then, choose the domain name according to that. Also, ensure that the domain name is unique.
  2. Get a web hosting: Once you have your unique domain name, all you have to do before building a website is to find a place to host your website. To host your website, you will have to pay to ensure you have a safe and smooth running website.
  3. Find a website builder: The easiest way to build a website is by using a website builder. It has various plug-INS you can use according to how you plan your website to be. You can have a particular color theme, different navigation bars, and many more things to do. You can also hire a software developer Malaysia to build a website for you.
  4. Add content: When you’re done with finding your theme and suitable plug-INS, you’re good to go and add your content however you like.
  5. Launching: After all the steps are correctly and carefully done, your website is ready to be launched and start getting some engagement and start growing.

You must have used the same websites on different devices like your laptop or computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Have you ever wondered how you can use this website on all devices so smoothly? These websites are adaptive or responsive to all the devices, making them compatible with all the devices.

So, there are two types of websites, adaptive and responsive, which you have to consider while designing for yourself.

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design: What's the Difference?

Adaptive Website

Adaptive websites use at least two versions of a website designed to be compatible with a particular type of device. It either adapts based on the type of device or the basis of the browser width. For a particular type of device, when someone tries to open the website, HTTP’s request field informs the server about the type of device trying to access the website. On the other hand, for browser width, different widths, also called breakpoints, are preset, which makes the website adapt to the browser’s size.


Responsive Website

A responsive website uses the same breakpoints in the form of media query tags combined with responsive grids to create a customized size for each device. They continuously change with the change in the size of the browser.

Considering all the available options for building an amazing website and knowing about the types of a website according to your comfort and use, all you need to do is follow the steps and start designing your website.