We are using GitFlow on our team but I don't want to use CygWin; I'm not a Bash kind of guy. There are instructions for installing GitFlow for use with the Git PowerShell window here.  However, there are some gotchas. First, you'll need getopt.exe and libintl3.dll. To make your life easier, I've attached them as a zip file to this post.

Second, note that you have to follow their instructions exactly when cloning the gitflow repo. You have to run the command

git clone --recursive git://github.com/nvie/gitflow.git

If you don't and just run a git clone command without specifying recursive, you may get the following error when you attempt to run the msysgit-install script:

File not found - shflags  
0 File(s) copied  
Some unexpected errors happened. Sorry, you'll have to fix them by yourself. [Y]?Y

Hopefully, that might help someone out there...

GitFlowFiles.zip (59.05 kb)