Getting Twitter Profile Image Via C# With 1.1 API

If you know someone's Twitter handle and would like to display their twitter avatar on your website, here's some code to get the URL of their avatar.  First, you'll need to register at and acquire a ConsumerKey, ConsumerSecret, Token and TokenSecret -- now that Twitter supports application only authentication, there isn't any handshaking involved; you just need to craft up the right OAuthCredentials for a [Read More]

The Twitter API: The Schrodinger's Cat of Web Service APIs

I just started reading Professional Twitter Development: With Examples in .NET 3.5 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) and came across this quote, which cracked me up: The Twitter API is the Schrödinger’s cat of web service APIs. Until you call it, you never know if it's alive or dead. Sometimes the mere act of calling it is enough to kill it.--Scott Koon,Witty Hilarious. And [Read More]