BinPress Programming Contest: $40,000 in prizes

I have the honor of being a judge in the recently announced BinPress Contest. As they say on their site: Have you been developing custom solutions for the web? pick your best feature, module or UI component that can be packaged and re-used and publish it on Binpress. Binpress is a marketplace for source-code, where developers can sell and buy source code from each other. If you've been writing reusable [Read More]

AI->Canvas: Generating HTML5 canvas code from Adobe Illustrator

Mike Swanson is the man when it comes to getting artwork out of Adobe Illustrator and into a format usable by the browser. His first go at this was the AI->XAML plug-in, a widely used plug-in by graphic designers building assets for WPF and Silverlight projects. Well, now he’s back with another plug-in, this time for the HTML5 <canvas> tag. It’s called (not surprisingly) [Read More]