KEXP Archive in IE9 Launch and Mellow Johnny's at SxSW

KEXP Archive is a very cool HTML5 application that uses the KEXP dataset to show off a cool visualization. The KEXP data set represents nearly 10 years of radio playlists and includes over 700,000 tracks with album art, the date and time each song was played, and DJ names. The result, created by Stimulant, can be seen at Pretty rad. This application was featured in the [Read More]

Getting Request.Form Data Out of XDomainRequest In ASP.NET

I am using the XDomainRequest object in IE8 and IE9 to do cross domain posting.  However, I hit an issue where I couldn't seem to get at the data I was posting: the Request.Form collection contained nothing yet I was clearly sending it. I then found this post: which states: "we restricted the content type to [Read More]

Using Stringify With the New window.msPerformance in Internet Explorer 9

I've been playing with the new window.msPerformance that's part of IE9 as explained in this blog post: Of course, the main thing you want to do is capture this data. The blog post mentions that you can use the stringify method to serialize the object to JSON and then send the diagnostics back to the server.  [Read More]