WordPress Audio Player Now Falls Back To HTML5

I realized people on iOS and other devices that don’t support Flash couldn’t use the embedded Flash player for listening to audio when using the WordPress Audio Player plugin.  I wanted to customize it so that sites would fall back to HTML5 if Flash wasn’t present. I found a post in the WordPress forums of someone who did this here. However, his script didn’t work [Read More]

Skinless jPlayer Implementation

I recently implemented a skinless audio player using jPlayer that plays m4a files that it retrieves from the iTunes Search API. I am using jPlayer 2.1.0 and the main gotchas I hit were problems with not having the latest version of Flash on target computers.  jPlayer requires Flash 10 or higher for fallback, which it seems to do for m4a files in Firefox. Anyway, here’s the [Read More]

Having jPlayer dynamically switch between m4a and mp3

According to the docs of jPlayer http://www.jplayer.org/latest/developer-guide/#jPlayer-essential-formats, you are only supposed to use either mp3 or m4a.  But in my case, I’m not sure which gets passed to the player from the database. So, I had to handle that in the script. Here’s what it looks like:$("#jplayer").jPlayer({ ready: function() { $("#jp_container .track-default").click(); }, supplied: "m4a, mp3, mv4" }); .csharpcode, .csharpcode [Read More]

KEXP Archive in IE9 Launch and Mellow Johnny's at SxSW

KEXP Archive is a very cool HTML5 application that uses the KEXP dataset to show off a cool visualization. The KEXP data set represents nearly 10 years of radio playlists and includes over 700,000 tracks with album art, the date and time each song was played, and DJ names. The result, created by Stimulant, can be seen at http://kexparchive.org. Pretty rad. This application was featured in the [Read More]