Conditional Logic During Start Up of a Windows Phone App

Just managed to get myself into (and out of) a gnarly situation with Windows Phone. Here’s the scenario: I needed to execute some conditional logic to show different screens at start up in my Windows Phone app.  Basically, if the user was already logged in, bounce them to homepage; otherwise send them to the log in screen. My first stab was to check for if they were logged [Read More]

Windows Phone 7 XAML Design Templates

Just got turned on to the Windows Phone 7 XAML Design Templates.  These are essential.  The Blend team have done the hard work to figure out all the common layout scenarios and provide templates for usage.  This makes doing layout for Windows Phone 7 apps brain dead easy. Love it.  Here’s a pic to give you a sense; video below. [Read More]

Windows Phone Developer Tools Hiccup, Links

Installed the Windows Phone Developer Tools. Then tried to run the emulator and it failed with “Error: Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments.” The solution? (1) Reboot. (2) Run as administrator. Also been reading Creating High Performing Silverlight Applications for Windows Phone. Awesome content. Tons of ideas and information. Essential reading. Lastly, just starting to dive into the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7. Documentation is on the [Read More]

Screencast On Creating jQuery Animations Without Code

Check out this post by my designer colleage, Tim Aidlin, on how to use Glimmer to create jQuery animations, in this case the hero graphic up at Here's the screencast itself:   width="320" height="240"> You need Silverlight to view this video. It’s fast, it’s free and it’s awesome. Click here to get it. [Read More]

Windows Phone 7 Development Tip: Discovering and Using Default Styles

I was playing around with the Windows Phone 7 tools and noticed that there are some system styles available for text.  For example, I noticed the following XAML that referenced PhoneTextTitle1Style in one of the Visual Studio project templates:             <TextBlock x:Name="ListTitle" Text="{Binding LineOne}" Margin="-3,-8,0,0" Style="{StaticResource PhoneTextTitle1Style}"/> I [Read More]