Visual Studio Achievements Buzz

The project I’ve been working on recently finally shipped: Visual Studio Achievements. It’s been great to see the reaction to it, including posts in Wired, Ars Technica, Life Hacker, BoingBoing, Gamasutra and more. It also sparked quite a discussion in Reddit and Slashdot. Here’s a list of all the buzz that the project has generated: Microsoft Crossbreeds Programming Kit with Fantasy Game Caleb Garling/Wired January 24, [Read More]

Dynamic Keyword and Dotfuscator = Very Unhappy

I’ve been using Dotfuscator to obfuscate an assembly.  I thought all was good, but when I tried to use the obfuscate assembly, the assembly didn’t work like the unobfuscated one did and was throwing exceptions all over the place. After much debugging, I finally discovered that the use of the dynamic keyword was causing bigtime problems with Dotfucator. Understanding what is going on with a simple sample [Read More]

Table Storage, Continuation Tokens, Windows Azure

By default, queries to table storage will return a maximum of 1000 rows, whether you are using the REST APIs or the LINQ provider.  If you want more rows, you need to get fancy. It’s pretty easy.  Let’s say you have created some data access classes similar to how the Azure Hands On Labs and samples encourage you to do so.  So say you’ve [Read More]

DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute Saves The Day

Sometimes Visual Studio is too smart. Hit a situation yesterday where I has a solution with an .exe and a .dll. In the .dll, there's a method called by the .exe that throws an exception.  I needed to test the logic of how the .exe handled that exception. But, while debugging, the project would always break on the throw in the .dll and I couldn't ever get it to [Read More]

JSON Deserialization Made Simple With System.Web.Helpers and List<dynamic>

Been playing with WebMatrix and have come across some crazy and beautiful code that I really liked in the FourSquare helper on CodePlex. Check this method out, which returns a graph of friends from the fourquare api /// Returns a list of friends /// </summary> /// <param name="accessToken">The access token of the authenticating user.</param> /// <param name="userId">The Id of the [Read More]