A Simple Box.Com C# API Wrapper

I had a need to access Box.com programmatically to do a daily pull of log files that were posted to Box from a third party service. At first I thought the Box .NET SDK would be helpful, but I quickly realized it is entirely oriented to be used by apps with a UI, not headless apps like this.  So, I dove into the documentation.  My first stumble [Read More]

HDInsight Hadoop Hive Job Decompresses CSV GZIP Files By Default

Been working with Hadoop (2.4.0) and Hive (0.13.0) with HDInsight (3.1) and it decompresses GZIP files into CSV by default.  Nice!  So, loading data with a Hive query in Powershell: $response = Invoke-Hive -Query @" LOAD DATA INPATH 'wasb://$container@$storageAccountName.blob.core.windows.net/file.csv.gz' INTO TABLE logs; "@ No additional work or arguments to pass. I thought I had to do something [Read More]

The New Iteration

Having just gotten back from Build 2014, I felt inspired by conversations and sessions that were all about XAML and developer/designer workflow, and I started thinking about a paper Jaime Rodriguez and I wrote six years ago called The New Iteration: How XAML Transforms The Collaboration Between Designers and Developers. I went to go re-read it and, ack, I got a 404! Well, that’s not okay, so here [Read More]

Adding A Custom Header When Posting JSON Using HttpClient

UPDATE: See the comments for a better way to do this! HttpClient comes with handy methods for the very common task of posting JSON to a web service using the various PostAsJsonAsync methods. It handles serializing your object and crafting up the http request for you, aka var gizmo = new Product() { Name = "Gizmo", Price = 100, Category = "Widget" }; Uri gizmoUri = null; response = client.PostAsJsonAsync("api/products", gizmo).Result; if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode) [Read More]

Using Parallel.ForEach To Aggregate Results From JSON Files Stored in Windows Azure Blob Storage

I love NoSQL, except when it comes to reporting.  Then I miss those handy SQL aggregation calls. I recently had a situation where I needed to look at a whole bunch of JSON files stored in Windows Azure Blob Storage and aggregate values from within those JSON files. The exact scenario was to get a count of how many people had achieved each achievement as part of the Visual [Read More]