Publications and Interviews

2012 - Present. Posts on Channel9

May 2012. Listen to Your Customers: Microsoft Visual Studio Gets Gamified

2008 - 2011.  Opinions/Articles/Labnotes Posted on Mix Online

June 2010.  Interview About The Archivist on Channel9

March 2010.  Incarnate: Behind the Scenes at MIX10

December 2009.  Interview About Incarnate on Channel9

October 2008.  Oomph Presented at PDC2008

May 2008.  Interview with Effective UI

November 2007.  The New Iteration: How XAML Transforms the Collaboration Between Designers and Developers in WPF

December 2005.  Introducing the December 2005 CTP. What's New in Windows Presentation Foundation, MSDN

September 2005. The North Face In-Store Explorer Proof-of-Concept: A White Paper, MSDN

March 2005. Introducing the March 2005 CTP. What's New in "Avalon", MSDN

January 2005.  Creating 2-D and 3-D Dynamic Animations in Avalon, MSDN 

March 2004. Writing Asynchronous, Bidirectional, Stateful, Reliable Web Services with Indigo, MSDN

October 2003. Developer Guide to Migration and Interoperability in "Longhorn"

April 2003. UDDI Services: Qwest Technical Case Study,

January 2003. UDDI and WSDL: Enabling a Software Landscape based on Web Services, Web Services Journal

September 2003. Registering and Discovering RSS Feeds in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 UDDI Services. Self published. 

September 2003. Registering and Discovering RSS Feeds in UDDI. Self published 

November 2002. Traversing the Tree: Using the get_relatedCategories API in UDDI Services, MSDN

September 2002.  The Importance of Metadata: Reification, Categorization and UDDI, MSDN

August 2002. Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry, Technical Note,

July 2002. UDDI Version 3.0, Technical Committee Specification,

May 2002. Using UDDI at Run-Time, Part II, MSDN

December 2001. Using UDDI at Run-Time, Part I, MSDN

October 2001. Web Service Description and Discovery Using UDDI, Part I, MSDN