My session at Mix has been posted:

Incarnate: Behind the Scenes

A recent MIX Online lab, Incarnate is a service that finds your avatars around the web, so you don't have to upload a new one every time you join a service or leave a comment. Behind the scenes, Incarnate is a service hosted in Windows Azure with a WordPress plug-in. In this session, we dive into some of the more interesting aspects of Incarnate, including how microformats are used to discover avatars, the diagnostics and logging support in Azure, writing a JSON-P service in Windows Communication Foundation and writing the WordPress plug-in.

Lagoon AB on Tuesday at 11:35 AM, March 16

So, if you are interested in the nitty gritty on Incarnate, come on by. And if you'll be at MIX and want to catch up, let me know...