Just got confirmation that I'll be doing a presentation at the illustrious Future of Web Applications 2010 conference in Miami on February 23rd. Here's my talk:

How To Think About Services For The Open Web

Today, if you are building websites, you are probably using services from any number of web providers (Facebook Connect, Disqus, etc.). You might even be thinking about exposing some services yourself. There's a dizzying array of choices and protocols when it comes to actually dealing with services. You are expected to become savvy with JSON-P, OAuth, XML, SOAP and perhaps even screen scraping HTML. Based on years of experience with building and consuming standards based services, Karsten will review the matrix of options available to you with some practical advice.

Also, while it isn't listed on the agenda, I'm doing a session during lunch. Here's what it's about:

What’s Cooking in the Mix Online Labs

Mix Online creates free, open source, ready-to-use prototypes on emerging trends for web developers and designers. Past projects have included Oomph: A microformats toolkit and Glimmer: a jQuery Design Tool. Come get a special sneak peek into upcoming, cutting edge projects coming out of the Mix Online labs. 

If you are going to the conference or are in Miami, lemme know