Why Did .NET Core Build A .dll and not an .exe?

Started playing with .NET Core and, typical developer, didn’t read any docs first. Installed the tools, created a new project and typed Console.WriteLine(“Hello world.”).  And what did I get when I compiled? A .dll?  Weird. There was a public static void main(). What did I do wrong? Well, I went and read some docs, in particular, this one: https://dotnet.github.io/docs/getting-started/cli-console-app-tutorial. [Read More]

Using Visual Studio 2015 Project Templates and .NET Core

Okay, this wasn’t entirely obvious: to get nifty project templates for .NET Core applications, you have to install both Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 (https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/news/vs2015-update2-vs.aspx) and the .NET Core SDK for Windows (https://www.microsoft.com/net/core). Then you’ll see the templates for .NET Core when creating a new project. [Read More]

Resolving the MSDeployPublish Error When Publishing Azure Web Jobs From Visual Studio 2015

I had a rather old Azure web job that I always deployed by creating a .zip myself and uploading it to the portal manually. I decided to use the nice feature inside Visual Studio 2015 that publishes the project for you. But when I walked through the wizard and hit “publish” I received the following error: Error MSB4057: The target "MSDeployPublish" does not exist in the project. I [Read More]

Using SSL in the Azure Compute Emulator With A Cloud Service Web Role

Here's what I had to do to get SSL working in VS2015 with a web role in a cloud service: 1. Make sure that the url itself is when launching IIS Express. If it is localhost, it won't work. 2. Make sure that you bind to the azure dev fabric thumbprint that gets installed with the SDK. If you are using the 2.7 SDK, it [Read More]

Using NLog For Diagnostic Logging In Windows Azure Cloud Services And Writing The Logs To Azure Table Storage

I’ve never liked the default logging mechanisms in Azure for application event logging.  Parsing the WADDiagnosticInfrastructureLogsTable is always such a hassle. Events I’ve written are mixed in with all the other events that Azure is firing all the time, and everything in my event is jammed into a single field. So, for my current Azure project, I switched to using NLog and love it!  [Read More]