Yahoo! Messenger For Windows Vista

December 6 2007

Check it out: a beta version of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista is now out.  Download it here and read about all the new features and see a video here. This is 100% WPF -- hats off to Eric Burke and company who have done a knock out job with the application.  He says on his blog that he'll be posting lots of learnings about WPF; looking forward to that.

My favorite feature? Check out the emoticons, for example, how they composite on top of the application.  Pretty sweet.  Give it a shot and provide feedback to the team on what you like and don't like. 

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12/6/2007 11:03:00 PM #

Tanveer Badar

It is equally capable of running on Windows XP SP2 with netfx 3.0 installed. I wonder why they are only advertising Windows Vista. Many machines have .netfx 3.0 installed these days, most developer machines to be precise.

Tanveer Badar

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