.NET Source Released

October 3 2007

The implications for Microsoft releasing the source of the .NET Framework, including WPF, are huge. Love it. 

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10/23/2007 12:42:00 PM #


Avalon Patient Monitoring

I am new to WPF and am using the Avalon Patient Monitoring project to help learn WPF. I have tow questions about the chart project. When I click on the generic.xaml file to error occur which prevent me from viewing the design. I am wondering why these errors occur and how to correct them.

Error  2  The attachable property 'IsChartHost' was not found in type 'Chart'.  E:\projects\wpf\Healthcare_Prototype\sources\Chart\themes\generic.xaml  71  9  Chart

Error  1  Assembly '' was not found. The 'clr-namespace' URI refers to an assembly that is not referenced by the project.  E:\projects\wpf\Healthcare_Prototype\sources\Chart\themes\generic.xaml  4  11  Chart

In error 1 Isn't IdentityMine.Avalon.Controls the assembly that is being create by the chart project?

Also how the chart project is able to compile to produce a dll with these errors?

If anyone wants to reply you can email me at stevensrf1@inbox.com



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