I was losing my mind trying to use the App Hub up here: http://create.msdn.com/en-US/

But, then I found this:

If you're an App Hub member, and are experiencing any of the following issues:

clip_image001 Inability to access the Windows Phone Dashboard

clip_image001[1] Inability to access the Xbox 360 Dashboard

clip_image001[2] Inability to review Xbox 360 games

A recent change to the Xbox LIVE service may be affecting you. With the launch of the new Xbox 360 dashboard experience today, Xbox LIVE users are being asked to review and sign an updated Terms of Use.

The App Hub membership gives you the opportunity to develop for both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 Indie Games, so even if you are strictly a Windows Phone 7 developer, this change may affect you. If you experiencing any of the above issues, please follow these steps to sign the new Terms of Use and restore your ability to access App Hub:

1. Sign out of App Hub

2. Browse to http://www.xbox.com/

3. Click "Sign In", and sign in using the same Windows Live ID as you do to sign into App Hub

4. Sign the updated Terms of Use

5. Return to App Hub (http://create.msdn.com)

6. Sign back in using your Windows Live ID to continue using App Hub as normal.


And now all is happy.