I just posted the videos and collateral from the WPF Boot Camp 2008 here.  Lots of great material here, including talks by Mark Wilson-Thomas, Unni Ravindranathan, Jonathon Russ (IdentityMine), Robert Ingebretsen (IdentityMine), David Teitlebaum, Jordan Parker, Jaime Rodriguez, Adam Smith, Henry Sowizral, Glenn Block, Josh Smith (Infragistics), Alan Le (Vertigo) and Josh Wagoner (IdentityMine).  If you are new to WPF, there's some great content here.  If you are a WPF veteran, check out the day 3 content, which has some great real world talks.

Note that the requires Silverlight Beta 2 to run.  I ended up using my carousel control to make the site. I also used Ed Maia's SL2 Video Player.  If you want the code I used to built the site, you can download it here.