With the release of .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 comes a new and improved WPF.  With that in mind, I wanted to get a demo out that showed off some of the new WPF 3.5 features.  There was some code written, not by me, but by Kevin Moore, author of the WPF Bag o' Tricks among other WPF goodness.  Kevin has moved on from Microsoft and he never released this code, but there is some very useful concepts presented.  I grabbed his code, cleaned it up and have made it available for download.  Basically, there's a lot of useful infrastructure code for creating a secure plug-in model for a WPF.  One nifty thing he does is binds to the same data across his different plug-ins. He also shows off some other WPF 3.5 features along the way, like interactive 2d on 3d.

It is worth pointing out the cleanup I had to do with within System.AddIn.  The change was the renaming of VisualAdapter to FrameworkElementAdapters and a change in the method's signature that turned out to be pretty trivial to fix.