I realized that the code base I used for Flotzam for the MIX conference was not posted and there are a few interesting things that have been updated in the code that people may be interested in:

  • For MIX, we displayed photos that were posted to the MIX event on Facebook.  How do you get all photos from an event from Facebook? Officially, there isn't an API for this.  Unofficially, it can be done through FQL by simply calling photos.get and passing the event id.  I extended the Facebook .NET wrapper and added a method called GetEventPhotos that does this. The reason this is interesting is if you want to use Flotzam at a conference and want to access the photos from a Facebook event.
  • I also added a setting that allows you to choose whether to show photos from Facebook friends or show photos from an event or both.
  • Another thing we did at MIX was to show all twitters from anyone following the event.  I didn't have this officially wired up in the settings, but now it is.  It is a little confusing: if you pick, "watch me and my friends" you are seeing the tweets of people you follow. But if you pick "watch my followers" you are getting the last tweet of anyone who is following you.  It is kind of goofy because the APIs return a different schema depending on which you pick, so the code has to do some casting between .NET types, since I serialize everything.
  • I've also added a setting so you can either choose to have the skins randomly toggle or you can just stick with one skin.
  • I've also gone ahead and uploaded the source code with the .PNG sequences done by Jeremiah Morrill.  With all those images, the download is 50 mb.  As such, I've made one version of the project that doesn't have the .PNG sequences which is smaller.

Download the code with PNG sequences.

Download the code without PNG sequences.