I'm excited to announce the availability of a white paper that's been long in the making: The New Iteration: How XAML Transforms the Collaboration Between Designers and Developers in WPF.  This is a 28 page white paper written by Jaime Rodriguez and I that digs into issues and solutions when working on a WPF project with both designers and developers.  A result of extensive interviews with developers and designers with real world WPF experience, Jaime and I tried to get some canonical information out there for people trying to live the XAML dream and realize the benefits of the new workflows engendered by XAML.  We talked to both internal Microsoft folks as well as many external companies to coalesce the best practices that are being established in this domain.

I'm proud of the entire paper.  Here's some highlights: The sections on XAML provide a perspective on XAML that I don't think has been articulated before in terms of how XAML makes the workflow possible.  The section on roles and workflow took us many iterations and ultimately puts into place some different models to implement when actually getting into the nitty gritty of collaborating on a project. I think this graphic in particular does a nice job of explaining the workflow visually (thanks to Tim Aidlin for doing the graphic):

The best practices for designers and developers I think have a lot of great tactical tips worth exploring.

I've started a thread on the paper over in the WPF forums and would love to see that be a place for an ongoing discussion of some of the ideas forwarded by Jaime and I.

Here's a pdf version of the paper if you are interested.