So, I've been playing with Ableton Live recently as my digital audio workstation.  It is great software -- fantastic UI and awesome features as far as integration audio and midi. There's much power in this tool. 

I recently composed a piece called "Hill Climb" and wanted to make it available to the world via Silverlight.  I used the audio template from Expression Encoder and have the whole deal hosted on Silverlight Streaming.  I would have used the Silverlight Streaming Publishing Plug-in, but the problem I discovered is that the templates generated by Expression Encoder always auto-play the media upon page load. There's no way to toggle that from the UI, which means I had to go tweak the auto-play parameter in the generated StartPlayer.js file.  So, I couldn't use the plug-in, but rather zipped up the files and posted them to Silverlight streaming myself, adding the player to my blog on the right column.

If you'd like to see the workflow including the plug-in, check out this post, which has a good tutorial.