I gave a go at doing a Flotzam skin, which you can see if you run the latest version of Flotzam. The animations, which bounce, look more interesting than the screenshot, which is taken from my dual monitor machine using print screen. The skin is called balls and can be found in the settings.

I did a couple things to the source as well, if you are doing your own restyle.  First, I added a value to each skin in the *.xaml file that specifies if you want each Flotzam to have a random element appear when it is added to the screen.  It pleased me to use the mscorlib namespace to specify a boolean in a resource dictionary, which I yank out of the dictionary each time the content presenter finds its datatemplate.  You can see it is here:

   <sys:Boolean x:Key="useRandomizer">false  

The other thing I did was add the CustomAnimation class from the Windows SDK animation sample to the project, so that you can reference some of those animation classes.