Perhaps you remembered last year’s MIX, in which we featured Flotzam, a WPF screensaver mash-up that showed MIX07 feeds from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and blogs. Well, we are doing it again this year with a twist: we are running a contest and will feature community created skins of the application on the big screen and on the screensavers of the computers available to attendees at the show.  The best skin will win an XBOX 360.

Entering the contest is easy: everything a person needs to know can be found here: including links to screencasts and instructions that show how easy it is to do the restyle.  You can create a pretty cool skin in less than an hour. I’m hoping that we’ll have lots of skins and walking the halls at the show will be a kind of art installation with all these different skins appearing.  So give it a try!

I’m pretty excited about the contest because it really highlights the designer/developer optimization that is core to the value proposition of WPF and Expression Blend, not to mention the ease of skinning WPF apps.  Would love your help in promoting the contest.



A big thanks to Tim Aidlin, designer extraordinaire; Adam Kinney, web dev extraordinaire; and Denise Begley, community organizer extraordinaire, for helping launch year one of this contest!