Recently, I received a request to support the Twitter Search API within Flotzam, which I have done! The Twitter Search API returns some pretty entertaing results -- pick a term and see what people are saying about it at that instant.

It was pretty trivial to add the Twitter Search queries as a provider to Flotzam, although it took a little longer as the Twitter Search API only supports ATOM and JSON, but doesn't support the XML schema used by the other Twitter API, which is what I had been using.  But, with a little data massaging and transformation, I was able to get it working pretty easily.  Because I already am parsing the YouTube data via ATOM, I went ahead and used the gdata .NET library for parsing the Twitter ATOM feeds, as such:

string[] terms = Settings.Default.TWITTER_SEARCH_TERMS.Split(new Char[] { ','}); foreach (string term in terms) { Service service = new Service("TwitterSearchService"); FeedQuery query = new FeedQuery(string.Format("{0}";,term)); AtomFeed feed = service.Query(query); foreach (AtomEntry entry in feed.Entries) { ... }



The latest Flotzam source code has all of code if your are interested...