Last year at SxSW, I discovered Twitter, which has since grown tremendously and continues to gain momentum. My discovery at SxSW this year? ChaCha.  ChaCha is a free service that adds a human factor to a search.  Where it really comes in handy is on your phone.  Basically, you can text any question to ChaCha and, within 5 - 10 minutes, you'll get an answer, which is usually spot on.  For those that don't have internet access on their phone, this is great.  But even if you do have internet access, the responses you get from ChaCha are better because they are filtered and parsed by a human. I found their answers quite good and often with a sense of humor as well.  Checking out their website, I found out that anyone can become a guide for ChaCha, making $0.20 per answer, which works out to between $4 - $10 an hour.  So that is how they scale and how they have people answering questions 24/7.