Just came across this video on Adaptive Path's blog of Bruce Sterling talking about Interaction Design:

Bruce Sterling from Innovationsforum on Vimeo.

Missed him at SxSW this year, but this video gave me my fix.  He's really clear on what spimes are right at the beginning.  He has to do this to establish his  overall theme, which is to think about interaction design not in literary terms -- "sense of wonder," etc. -- but just "don't make me think" and "reduce my cognitive load."  He's dead on right here.   And some interesting commentary on Google and Microsoft at about 22:00.  Microsoft as "vehicle" compared to Google as "techno-social."  And a funny comment about Flickr at about 32:00. His quote from Tony Dunn: "My default mental model of a user is a tortured, existential soul drifting through complex technologically mediated consumer landscape."   Nice. And a quote from Bruce: "The net and its adjuncts are becoming a hybrid meta medium that links everyone...the former hierarchies of the creative disciplines are coming violently apart, right in front of our eyes.  Yet at the same historic moment, profoundly powerful networks are assembling."  Sterling is an elder for this era.