I have a Windows Mobile 5.0 cellphone and realized recently that all my text messages were locked up on the phone -- ActiveSync doesn't sync them.  There's probably applications out there that will archive your text messages, but being a dev, I figured I'd do it myself.  Unfortunately, the .NET libraries don't support querying the SMS message store directly, so I ended up using a third party library, In The Hand, which worked out quite nicely.  The code was pretty darned simple; it took me a lot longer to realize that I needed to install the SDK certs onto my phone in order to deploy an application to the phone. I ended up also having to run the rapiconfig tool:

C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone SDK\Tools>rapiconfig /p SdkCerts.xml

This made everything happy (tip of the hat to Stuart Preston).  But once I was able to talk to the phone, application development was quick.  I just walk the different folders and built an XML file out of them. I figure I can work with the XML at some point if I want to do some visualization of my text history. Here's the code.

Now, I want to write a threaded text app.  I know this is in Windows Mobile 6.1, but it would be handy to have on Windows Mobile 5.0.  There's a few apps already out there that do this, but why buy it when you can build it?